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What can we do to make our son write faster?

Q: I have 6 years old son. He is very good in grasping and remembering things. His memory power is good. The only problem is he does not write. He is very slow in writing and there are many compliants from his school about the same. He does not complete his class work and due to his slow pace his exams are always incomplete. As parents we dont know what to do? How to help the child correct his attitude?

A:Be happy that you have a bright child who understands and remembers what he hears. Some children do have a problem with writing fast. As they grow older they may also have some difficulty with spelling. This happens in cases of dyslexia, but I do not have enough details to give him that label. However, I feel that his writing problem may be related to that condition. In my view, 6 years old children should not be required to write examinations! But I realize that you have no authority to suggest that to the school. Please recognise that nothing is wrong with his attitude. You will have to be patient and get him to work on his writing gradually. Reward him with a smile or a pat when he writes something. Make it worth his while to develop the ability to write. But give him time. Meanwhile, let him know all his lessons orally and persuade the teacher to check his knowledge level in an oral test. Everything requires tact, patience and firmness.


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