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What can I do to restore my son's health?

Q: My 7.8 years old son does not look physically good because he weighs only 13 kg. He looks very tired and gets exhausted soon. He does not perform well at school though he is sincere and obedient. He writes very slowly and cannot catch up with the speed of other students in the class. His teeth are a little blackish. Since his early childhood, he is prone to stomach disorders. He vomits frequently, especially in the morning before going to the school. He likes only spicy foods and does not take fruits, vegetables and milk. He also has a habit of bed-wetting during sleep. Though we have consulted physicians regarding my son’s problems, the doctors do not seem to care too much and have suggested some medicines. Please throw some light on my son’s problems and suggest what can be done.

A:Change your doctor. Of course, you have to be worried about your sons low weight, constant tiredness and bad teeth. Get a thorough check up by a pediatrician (children's doctor), consult a dietician and plan systematically to improve your child's health. I think he has a major problem with the gastro-intestinal system, since he vomits food and does not eat well. Forget about his schoolwork. Focus on getting him into good health first.


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