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What can I do get rid of the pain due to a ligament fracture in my right leg?

Q: I have a ligament fracture in my right leg for the last 3 years. These days it has become difficult for me to walk as it pains a lot. My doctor had prescribed Voveran tablet and told me to apply ice and hot water. I do that sometimes and I feel less pain. My height is 5.4 and I am weighing 66 kg. I have no other problem in my left leg except that I limp a little, which is not noticeable. One year back that leg had a hair line crack and the doctor had kept me in a plaster for 2 months. Please guide me on what I can do to walk properly and get rid of the pain? What are quadriceps?

A:Firstly, you will have to reduce your weight by 8-10 kgs. Secondly, you have neglected your leg far too long. Your can immerse your leg in hot and cold water alternately to get rid of the pain. You should continue the same with the right leg and can do the same thing for the left leg and keep the left leg raised if the swelling is more. You can also use a pressure bandage with the limb in elevation. You can wear knee cap to avoid stress on the knee. You should get all your hip and knee muscles examined at this chronic stage. You may need strengthening exercises for those muscles too. There is a possibility that some stretching may also be required due to which you could be getting the instability. You will need to learn weight transfers on each leg, balancing on one leg and proper gait training too. Static Quadriceps — Keep a small roll under your knee. Press the roll down with your knee. Hold the contraction till you count 5 and release. You should do this exercise 5 minutes every hour. You can do it in standing later by pressing your knee at the back and releasing once you have got the hang of it. Dynamic Quadriceps — Sit at the edge of the bed or a high stool so hat your legs are off the ground. Raise your leg straight to stretch it up and bring it down. Take care to fully extend your leg at the knee. If you get pain while doing the exercises, take TENS along with exercises.


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