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What can I do for my chronic bowel problem?

Q: I am 33 years old. I have a chronic bowel problem. We got a water purifier installed 6 months back. On an average I pass 2-3 motions a day. I wake up at 8 AM. If I get up early, I am not able to clear my stomach and same is the problem if I get up late. I can't take eggs as I get a stomach ache and irritation during bowel movement the next day. Hot things also create problems for me. I can't consume green chillies as makes the passage of stools very itchy and the stomach ache. I can't take cream or full cream milk as it leads to lactose intolerance. I have taken treatment from a doctor, but it only helps in the short term. If I consume contaminated water, I get stomach problems. What is the course of remedy for this? If I go on a train journey, I do not get stool at all. Please advise.

A:It appears that you are suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). In addition your symptoms seem to get aggravated due to factors such as lactose intolerance, anxiety, and possibly infections. You should see a Gastroenterologist who can get some tests for getting the correct diagnosis. These would include complete blood counts, ESR, stool examination, procto-sigmoidoscopy, etc. There are certain medications which can alleviate your symptoms. Also you need to take a high fibre diet, and can also take additional fibre supplements. All these your doctor can prescribe. Instead of milk, you can take more of curd. However, I must also tell you there are many normal persons who may not have a good bowel movement everyday. In fact, not having a bowel movement is rather common during a train journey which is more to do with the unhygienic toilets of Railways, rather than any disease! So take it easy, see a Gastroenterologist if not already seen, and carry on with your life in full steam!


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