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What are the various reasons for abdominal pain?

Q: Recently, about 15 days back, I suffered from a normal pain (when pressed) in the right side of the lower abdomen and it was accompanied with heavy nausea and fever hovering around 102 deg F for 4 days continuous. The doctors, based on the pain in the right side of lower abdomen, told me that it was appendicitis and suggested an operation. But due to fever of 104 deg F just before operation, the anaesthetist refused to give the general anaesthesia fearing complications due to fever. The decision to operate was taken based on an ultrasound scan which, though didn't suggest appendicitis, concluded all other parts in that area to be normal. Subsequently, I took another scan, which also didn't suggest appendicitis and the doctor performing the scan also told me that there was no problem of appendicitis. I then consulted another doctor who has diagnosed the problem as intestinal infection and has treated me accordingly. The pain has now subsided, though not fully, and the doctor says that the pain will fully subside in a month and has advised not to eat spicy foods. The doctor has also stopped his treatment. Can you kindly tell me what could be the exact problem? Is the second doctor correct or the first? Can this problem recur?

A:Differential diagnosis is wide depending on age and other factors. Likely possibilities are: 1. Infection, specifically secondary to Campylobacter; your doctor likely gave you antibiotics. 2. Crohns disease vs intestinal tuberculosis; unlikely, but can happen. Recc small intestine Xray, ESR (lab test). 3. Possibility is chronic appendicitis if problem continues and above are negative. Recc Laparoscopy.


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