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What are the treatment options for psoriasis?

Q: I have chronic psoriasis on my both heels and neighbouring area around the heel with fissures which bleeds and pains intensely when pressure is applied on the feet. This is since 4 years. I have tried allopathic treatment but it didn't work. Since the last 5 months I have been taking homeopathic medicine but I have got rid of the itching only, but the fissures come out frequently accompanied by skin hardness and pain. I only get temporary relief when I dip my leg in saline hot water as suggested by the doctor. Is it completely curable? I am facing a lot of problem due to this. Recently I am feeling itching near the knee area with development of white patches. I am applying betnovate-n cream but it is not healing. Please advise.

A:Firstly - have you got the diagnosis of Plantar Psoriasis confirmed. If confirmed, please remember that it can be controlled but never fully cured i.e. you will have to live with recurrences. Fissuring is a very common problem. Plantar psoriasis can be treated as follows:

  • PUVA therapy
  • Steroid & antibiotic combination creams applied twice a day
  • Coal tar ointment/soaks
  • Anthralin ointment
  • Methotrexate
  • Retinoids
  • Calcipotriene I have just named a few treatments which can alone or in combination provide you relief. My advice would be - go to a good dermatologist and discuss these treatment options.


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