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What are the treatment options for keloids?

Q: My mother has keloids. What is pulsed dye laser? What is the cost for this procedure? How much does the laser surgery to cut the keloid cost? Where are these treatments available?

A:Sorry to say that there is still no effective treatment for keloids. All we can do is control them. Various options as you mentioned are available but the modalities listed below are as per their effectiveness and wide use. 1. Intrakeloidal steroids - once a month 5 doses + pressure garment 2. Brachytherapy - through implantation of radioactive needles into the keloids 3. LASER - more effective in smaller keloids and active keloids; requires multiple sittings. The first option is available at any plastic surgeon in the country. The second and third, you have to find out with the specific plastic surgeon in your area.


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