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What are the screening tests for jaundice?

Q: I am 27 years old and had jaundice for, which I took Ayurvedic medicine and now it’s almost cured. Tomorrow I have to get a blood test done. Can you please tell what all should I get tested along with bilirubin?

A:As a basic screen for jaundice, please get the following tests done: - Serum bilirubin (total & direct) - Serum AST, ALT (& GGT) and alkaline phosphatase - Serum protein levels - Tests for hepatitis B viral markers like HBsAg, anti HBe etc. - Maybe an abdominal ultrasound. But this cannot be decided by e-mail. Please show yourself to a doctor who will take a history and do a clinical examination, as this will suggest what tests need to be done. I am not trained in Ayurveda and am not competent to comment on that.


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