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What are the precautions to be taken after kidney transplant?

Q: My 30 years old male friend underwent renal transplantation 2.5 years back. Now he is taking medicines prescribed by the doctor. In case, he does not take the prescribed medicines for a day or two, will it harm him? Can he take alcohol and eat outside? If he goes to a crowded place, what are the risks?

A:First of all, someone with kidney transplant should never skip taking his or her immunosuppressive medications even for a day. If one does, they should not double the next scheduled dose and instead continue taking the medication as per prescribed dosage. However, they should inform the physician about the missed dosages since one would be at a risk for rejection (failure) of the transplanted kidney prompting the patient to receive an additional dosage of steroid to minimise the chances of failure.

With regard to the food intake, one could have food from outside as long as it is hygienically prepared. Also be careful in public places in view of increased risks for airborne infections especially in someone whose immunity is lower due to intake of transplant medications. Lastly, alcohol consumption should be avoided if possible in post transplant period since it can interact with some of the transplant medications.


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