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What are the precautions to be taken after a bypass surgery?

Q: I had undergone coronary artery bypass graft two years ago and am now aged about 45 years. My three arteries were blocked (except the left main) which were by-passed by taking two arteries from my chest and one vein from my right leg. After that I am enjoying a better life such as improved work ability, playing normally, doing regular morning exercise and feeling fresh after that. I go for regular check-ups and blood profile which are under control. My sexual life has improved and my urge for sex has increased. My diet and medicines are as advised by my consulting doctor. A few problems I am facing are: I take whisky some time; occasionally at the end of the day I get a feeling of heaviness in the chest on the right side and sometimes by BP is 145/95 mm Hg.

A:It is nice to know that you are doing well after bypass surgery. The targets to be kept in mind are: BP less than 120/80 mm Hg, LDL cholesterol < 80 mg, Triglycerides < 150 mg , HDL cholesterol > 45 mg. Blood sugar in normal range. Most people after CABG should be on aspirin, statins and ACE inhibitor group of drugs. Alcohol in moderation (less than 2 ozs /day) is permissible. I would also recommend a stress test once in a year to see every thing is ok. Your symptom of occasional chest discomfort also merits this test. In addition, an echocardiography once in 2 years is also recommended to see the heart efficiency.


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