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What are the precautions after a kidney transplant?

Q: I am 24 years old and have undergone a kidney transplant. Now my creatinine level is around 1.0. I am looking after my father's business now. I am energetic and fine. The controls I am taking in my life are, after my transplant till date, I haven't taken a sip of water outside. I only take food sterilised and prepared at home. Then I go for a walk regularly, and take my prescribed medicines regularly. The only thing is while going in two wheelers some times I can't avoid the air pollution. Most times I go in car. Sometimes I have to go in two-wheeler, so is there any problem in that, and also advise me about what are the other precautions I have to take in my life to lead a normal one like others? I have been transplanted with my mothers kidney in CMC Vellore.

A:Your transplanted kidney seems to be functioning well and it is quite clear that you are taking good care of it. You are already taking most precautions that a kidney transplant recipient needs, like exercise. However, I must mention that the most common cause of loss of transplanted kidney is death with a functioning kidney. And, the most common cause of death in kidney transplant recipients worldwide is heart disease. Therefore, besides attention to personal hygiene you should focus on a healthy life style. This incudes regular exercise, keeping your weight under control, control your blood pressure, cholesterol and sugars by appropriate dietary measures (and use of medicines when necessary). Also, most anti rejection medicines cause osteoporosis. You must take appropriate measures to prevent osteoporosis like enough calcium and Vit D (and medicines when needed).


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