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What are the exercises I can do for backache?

Q: I am suffering form severe back pain specially in the spinal cord area and it is on both the sides, mainly in the middle portion. Actually I fell down from few steps nearly 8 year ago. I got checked from a orthopedic doctor and got well. But now again I am suffering from pain severely from few month and again I visited doctor and undergone physiotherapy (L&T) and (SWD) for ten days and got little relief but again am getting pain if I am sitting for long hours before computer and doing any heavy work. Please suggest me some good exercises or some special care that I have to take.

A:The problem you are facing is not a kind of relapse to the problem you had 8 years back. Since you have had relief with SWD, exercises will definitely help you. Before that I would suggest, you can do take a hot water bag twice a day. Try and get up and take breaks every half an hour so that there is no constant pressure on your spine. If you find you have a lot of pressure pains, you can use a rubber ring to sit on. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Avoid carrying heavy weights. Try and reduce your work time for a few days till you are comfortable. Avoid standing for very long. Avoid any posture for a prolonged period that would cause discomfort. You can try the following exercises: 1) Lie on your back with knees bent. Take a deep breath and press your back on the bed. 2) In the same position as above, raise your back up. 3) Lie on your back with your legs straight, press your buttocks inside as to stop stools, and release. 4) In the same position as in 3, raise alternate leg up(pointing toes down) and relax. After your pain has reduced considerably, try the following exercises: Lie on your stomach. Keep a small pillow under your stomach while doing the exercises. 1) In the above position, raise each leg up at he back up to 30 degrees.. Relax. Start with 5 counts and go up to 10 counts. 2) Keep your hands at the back and raise your upper back up as if to see something in front of you. Since you are having a lot of pain these are the exercises I would recommend initially. You can get back to me later , once you improve a little.


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