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What are the chances of recurring breast cancer?

Q: My 43 years old sister was detected with a 1.7 cm lump in the right breast and 1 mm lump spread in the lymph node of the same breast. She underwent surgery and got the lump removed. On biopsy, breast cancer was found. She has been recommended 6 cycles of chemotherapy followed by radiation cycles. Is the treatment going in the right direction? Is there any chance of reccurrence? Please advise.

A:Your sister is suffering from spontaneous onset breast cancer. Though breast cancer is known to have a familial predisposition, majority of them are spontaneous in origin. Your sister's case qualifies as a T1N1M0 tumour and whatever has been planned is perfect. The chances of recurrence following a Breast Conservation Treatment (BCT) is same vis–a-vis a more radical surgery. You have not commented on the histopathology report including ER (Estrogen Receptor), PR (Progrsterone Receptor) and the Her2Neu status and the chemotherapy regime being given. This information is required to comment further on the adequacy of the treatment. Nonetheless the broad plan being instituted in absolutely perfect.


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