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What are the chances of reccurrence of lymphoma?

Q: I have been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma-low grade. Staging studies including bone marrow biopsy (which shows no sign of cancer) were done. I have a lump in my abdomen and biopsy revealed this problem. My chemotherapy will start from next month and my doctor suggests CVRP. Is it a right choice? Due to the location of lump, chemotherapy is the only option. Possible stem cell transplant is also suggested. My question is what are the chances of recurrence of this cancer? If I choose to settle in India, do I get the treatment in Baroda or Bombay?

A:This is a case of low grade lymphoma where the treatment can vary from observation alone to Chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. I would be obliged if the full names of the drugs could be provided as CVRP is not a commonly used acronym (what I'll can make out may be Cyclophosphamide, Vinblastine/ Vincristine, Rituximab, and Prednisolone) if they are the drugs it is a good combination. The CT can be had in either cities suggested. Low grade NHL are difficult to eradicate completely and they have a tendency to recur despite complete responses. They are not life threatening and that is why even wait and watch policy is advocated if there are no symptoms or few symptoms.


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