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What are the causes of high uric acid levels?

Q: I had a blood test done for my kidneys thinking I have gout. I also took a second opinion from another doctor who said that the reading was 44 which is 30 generally. I was told not to worry and come back for another blood test after 3 months. When I asked the doctor about the cause, he said that he didn't want to go into the details. Is there a cause for concern or is this normal?

A:Hyperuricemia occurs when the blood contains raised levels of uric acid sustained over long periods. The kidneys processes uric acid and excretes this through urine. When uric acid levels become raised, the kidneys are unable to eliminate uric acid efficiently. Normal Uric acid levels are 2.4 -6.0 mg/dL (female) and 3.4 - 7.0 mg/dL (male). Normal values will vary from laboratory to laboratory. Cause of high uric acid levels (other than gout) may be: a) High intake of purine rich foods b) High alcohol intake (particularly beer and wine) c) Genetic predisposition d) Obesity e) High blood pressure f) Medications like diuretics, aspirin and chemotherapy treatment for cancer can increase uric acid levels.


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