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What are Monochorionic diaminotic twins?

Q: What is Monochorionic diaminotic twins? What are the risks associated with it? What special care should I take? Will it require bed rest, if so from when?

A:Chorion is the membrane which is attached with the placenta and amnion is the membrane in which baby lies. This means babies are attached to a common maternal membranes at placenta and may be having a single placenta but lie in two separate sacs of amnion. Any way twin pregnancy is likely to be associated with some problems which are not universal, so don't worry, don't be under the impression that all such pregnancies will have problems. Your obstetrician will take care of this. Only general precautions are, since two babies are growing in place of one, take proper diet, have regular checkups and bed rest would only be required if you have threatened premature labour or towards later part of pregnancy. Otherwise just relax and take normal precautions and avoid heavy exertion.


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