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What are febrile seizures?

Q: I have a 2 years old son. He had fever atleast 10 times in last 10 months, out of which 6 times this happened in last 2 months. His fever touches 103 degree Celsius at times and once it touched 104 too. Two months back, he also got seizures along with the fever. As per the doctor, he has chances of getting seizures whenever he has a fever. The reports of his blood test and urine test are normal. Whenever, he has a fever, we give him, Crocin and Disapalm. Could you please advice what are these seizures? Do we need to see another doctor for this? Please suggest.

A:Febrile seizures are fits or convulsions which occur with high fever and usually are seen in the age group of 6 months to 4 years. These are benign seizures and settle as the child grows. As for as cause for recurrent fever, your paediatrician needs to examine and investigate him thoroughly. You may get another urine examination during next febrile illness, but make sure the sample is given before starting antibiotics.


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