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What all do I need to do for my health?

Q: I am having chest pain. I got a TMT test done which came out to be negative. I am regularly chewing tobacco. I have decreased the intake of red meat and take fish. Am I doing fine with regards to my health? Will I have any sex related problem in future? My most recent findings are as follows - cholesterol: 308 mg%, triglyceride: 531 mg%, blood sugar fasting: 103 mg% and uric acid: 7.0 mg%. Please advise.

A:The chewing of tobacco is a major health hazard and the habit should be given up immediately. Exercise with weight control and careful diet are always good for health and protect the heart from damage caused by cholesterol. It may be a good idea to take guggulsterone to help control cholesterol and thereby ones overall health and sex life may benefit. It is also important to make sure that any tendency to diabetes and hypertension are detected by means of annual physical exams so that these problems, if they develop, can be appropriately treated. Incidentally, if there was any simple way (such as one pill a day) to prolong life and guarantee good health, the whole world would know about it. Curiously enough, a small dose of aspirin may be the best that can be offered at present, but even this can have side effects.


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