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Weight loss - exercise

Q: I have been trying to lose weight. I am fasting and going for morning walks on a regular basis. I have managed to lose 4 kg in the past 3 weeks. But lately my entire body seems to have become very loose. I am especially concerned about my upper body which seems to be sagging. Please tell me what I should do.

A:Firstly to lose weight please do not fast but rather, eat a nutritious meal that is low in calories. A combination of that and an sensible exercise program should see you come through with flying colors! Your exercise schedule should include:
1. A cardiovascular workout like the brisk walking or jogging (not recommended for those very overwight) swimming (which is great for upper and lower body as well!), cycling etc.
2. A weight training program which targets all the muscles groups. This will especially be needed in your case to help tone the muscles while you lose weight around the muscle areas. You will find that when you include someweight training, the skin will tone up better and and will not sag.
3. Please include some flexibility exercises too so that your muscles get elasticity in them and do not get too taut.


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