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Vomits after feeds in babies

Q: My baby girl is of about 3.5 months age. She has started vaulting on the bed. She is breastfed by her mother and also formula-fed (NAN 1 every 4 hours - 2/3 spoons). Now she has no interest in food. Stools are pale greenish and soft. She very often vomits just after feeding. I am worried. Please help.

A:Occasional vomits after feeds are common in babies. The fault usually lies in the method of feeding. Babies swallow a lot of air during feeds that comes out with milk. It is important to burp the baby during and after feeds. Do not lie the baby down immediately after. Hold him to your shoulder for 15-20 minutes and then put her down. The stools that you describe are typical for milk fed babies and are no cause for concern.


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