Q: I am having two sons, elder one is 10 year and younger one is 7 and half years old. They have been vaccinated upto 5 years as per Doctors chart. After that, they have not taken any vaccination. I request you to suggest any other injection/medicines to be taken as per their age. The Hepatitis-B dosage also has not been given. Kindly advise.

A:Your elder son is due for Typhoid vaccine which should have been given at 8 years of age. He should also receive a DT (diphtheria, tetanus) and OPV (oral polio vaccine) booster dose at 10 years of age. Your younger son should have received Typhoid vaccine at age 5 years and he will be due for a DT and OPV booster at 10 years. For Hepatitis B, this vaccine is given in 3 doses as follows: 1st dose at birth, 2nd dose after one month and 3rd dose at 6 months of age. This can however be started now, for both your sons. In addition to the above, further optional vaccines that can be given to both your sons are: a) Hepatitis A (2 doses) and b) Chicken pox vaccine 2 doses (if they have not yet had chicken pox).


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