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Urge to pass stools

Q: I get the urge to pass stools as soon as I eat anything and the excreta is also watery and not in whole mass like earlier. The condition started when I was prescribed an antibiotic for tooth infection say about 6 months back. Entroquinol or Dependal would bring relief for a day or 2 which I tried once or twice only. I have no cramps or pain in the abdomen.

A:This sounds like antibiotic related diarrhoea which can be due to change in the normal bacteria present in colon. Other possibility is the presence of clostridium difficle infection. You need to get your stool tested, if it is clostridium difficile it can be treated . If it is diarrhoea related to antibiotic try increasing the use of yoghurt, mulivitamins can help. Meanwhile increase fibre (isabogol) in your diet while testing is being done. Other ways to approach this is to see a local gastroenterologist who can put a small tube in the rectum to look inside.


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