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Umblical hernia

Q: I am a male, 45 years. In April 2000, I was operated for inguinal hernia. The operation was performed within two days of detection. Now I have been diagnosed as having umblical hernia. I find a small protrusion just above my navel. This was discovered about a year ago. The same doctor now says the umblical hernia is not very dangerous and I can have the operation any time I feel like. Please tell me more about this problem and also tell me if laparoscopy or some similar procedures can be used for this.

A:The abdominal contents are protected by a tough layer of tissue present under the skin. This tissue has small holes, which may enlarge and allow the intestines etc to come out and lie under the skin. This situation is called a hernia. All hernias can enlarge, and can develop complications. Because of this all hernias should be repaired by operation. The timing of operation is rarely urgent. The operation should be done at the earliest convenience.


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