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Trouble after stopping bottle feeds?

Q: I have managed to stop my 2 1/2 year old son from bottle feeding. But since then his milk intake has become very less. He has only one small cup of milk when he wakes up and one at night, that too after much coaxing. Another problem that has arisen is that he is getting slight constipation. Earlier he used to pass stools at least 2-3 times a day. Since last 4-5 days he passes stools only once a day and that too a very hard one. He has to strain quite a bit but I guess it is not painful as he does not cry or perspire during passing stools. Also he urinates only once during the day as compared to 3-4 times during a day previously. He has also stopped urinating at night. Is this the effect of stopping bottle feeding? Please suggest some remedy.

A:I must congratulate you that you have been able to stop bottle feeds on your baby. At this age he does not need to have milk more than two cups a day which he is already having. Try to increase his liquid intake by giving water, soups juices. This would help his constipation as well as his urine output. Increase the intake of green vegetables, fruits like papaya to improve his constipation. Please get him examined whether he is anaemic, correction of which would also improve his appetite.


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