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Surgery - lymphangioma

Q: My daughter Vasanthi is 15 months old, born with CysticHygroma at the submandibular region (more on the left side of the neck). She has just undergone surgery. As soon as the surgery was over, the surgeon told us that he had removed 99.99% of cyst. He also warned us that it might recur but not immediately. Now he is telling us that some residue can be tackled by administering bleomycine. We are really worried. We were earlier (even before surgery) advised not to go for Bleomycine and OK432 and wait for the appropriate time for surgery. I have just read about the side-effects of Bleomycine that include lung damage amongst many. Vasanthi already has a big swelling on the submandibular region. Does she need this bleomycine now? We are also leaving for London in two months' time. Keeping that in mind, do we have to postpone? The biopsy report said that it was Lymphangioma. Please advise on the appropriate course of action.

A:There is no rush. Some swelling after surgery is not uncommon. It may not be a recurrence of the lymphangioma, but simply some fluid collection at the site of the operation. Injections of bleomycin or OK-432 may not be required so soon after surgery.


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