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Surgery for nasal fracture

Q: I met with an acident on 8th March 2002. I have got fractures in my nose bone and bones under my eyes. Some doctors are saying that the bones will get joined on their own and some doctors have advised plaster. Can you give me your expert advice on this?

A:Thank you very much for your query. First of all I must clarify that fractures of nasal bone and the bone around the eye are ideally treated by facio-maxilliary surgeons. These bones are not normally treated in plaster and therefore, no plaster mobilization is required. Healing of a fracture is always a natural process and it cannot be hasten by any medicines.The decision regarding your case will have to be done in consultation with a facio-maxilliary surgeon. In some departments this work is done by plastic surgeons. Either way you may need to have good quality X-rays to decide whether any intervention is required for your fracture. If the fracture is in alignment nothing may be required.


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