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Stopping exercise

Q: I have been following an exercise/workout regime for the last three months for the purpose of fitness and body building. I used to do it giving my self rest twice a week; on other days working out for an hour. Now, that I have got well habituated to that shedule, I am worried if, I may develop some pain by forgoing a fitness session for a day or so? I have heard that once we get well set with the exercise shedule, we ought to follow it strictly everyday, otherwise we will get body pains, etc. Please clarify.

A:You are right. Even if you miss exercise for a day, you will have to back track again. If you stop exercising suddenly, the body can suffer from shock, muscles tend to shorten with the subsequent stiffness and there is loss of flexibility.
You should at least do your warm up and cool down exercises for a few minutes and if you feel the exercise program is too tiring for you, you can begin any one activity like cycling, walking, swimming, running, etc. which you can enjoy and help you to relax. You should not exercise to the point of exhaustion. Begin any program and by the end of 8 to 10 weeks, you should be at a good level (about 45 minutes) for 5 times a week.


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