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SLE nephropathy

Q: My daughter was diagnosed for SLE nephropathy in Nov 94 when she was 19-1/2 years old and treated for the same. Her kidneys had started functioning after medication and dialysis, and she was advised to remain on steroids after discharge from Hospital. She was also treated for SLE through Chemotherapy for almost two years. Since last two years her all reports including potein loss have been normal with no signs of SLE. Her doctor has withdrawn all medicines for last one and a half years and her reports are normal. The doctor has given his go ahead for her marriage. I wish to know whether there is any chance for reccurence of the problem after marriage and whether she can bear a child. Her mensturation which was disturbed initially is ok for last 6 years. Does the condition call for special precautions after marriage. Please advise.

A:SLE being a relatively uncommon disease with unpredictable course, it is difficult to exctly predict the future course of the disease. The treating doctor is the best person to discuss these points. It would require a detailed knowledge of the type of pathology that she had in the kidneys and several parametres in the blood before the question can be answered satisfactorily. You could discuss the details with Dr. Banwari Sharma in Jaipur Hospital who is an expert in this disease in your city.


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