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Sinusitis - cure

Q: What is the precaution and cure for smelly nose because of sinusitis?

A:Sinusitis is an inflammation of the linings of the sinuses (hollow spaces generally filled with air) and cavities of the nose. There are four pairs of sinuses. There are sinuses in the forehead bone, below and between the eyes, and between the back part of the eye sockets. They are normally filled with air and their function is to moisten, cleanse and warm the air as it goes through the nose before it enters the lungs. Sinusitis occurs when the lining of the nose and sinuses become inflamed. Common causes include pollens, animal dander and other allergens (a substance known to be an agent causing allergy and hypersensitivity). Viruses usually cause upper respiratory tract infections. These viruses attack the lining of the sinuses and cause swelling of the nose tissues, which leads to symptoms of the sinusitis. Other causes such as humidity, cold air, alcohol, perfumes and other environmental conditions may also contribute to sinus infections. Sinusitis occurs most often in patients with reduced immune functions (such as patients with immune deficiencies and HIV infection) and with abnormal mucous movement. Treatment for sinusitis caused by a virus consists of medication to reduce fever and aches, oral or topical, which means placed on the skin, decongestants to improve breathing, and saltwater rinses. Increasing fluid intake is important to keep the nasal secretions thinner. With bacterial sinusitis, symptoms may resolve using the same measures used for viral sinusitis. Occasionally, oral steroids are needed. If not, antibiotics are used. Rarely, antibiotics fail to help. Then cultures of the nasal secretions are needed. Avoid temperature extremes, because sudden change in temperature will increase the sinus pain. Avoid bending with the head down, because this usually increases the pain. Use a humidifier or steam to increase moisture in the nose and sinus area, because moisture thins mucus and allows it to drain better. Drink plenty of fluids to increase moisture within your body.


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