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Shy and reserved

Q: My only daughter who is 6 years old is very shy and reserved type.She doesnt mix up with other children though she loves to play with them.But at home her nature is very opposite.Thinking that after some time she will adjust we never forced her also.She is free with our relatives kids.She is very good at her studies and other activities.If other children bullies her she will not react .Her this nature worries us a lot.Please help us.

A:Many children are very shy outside home.Try to find out from her teachers if she is unusually shy or if it is only your perception.If there is a real problem,telling her directly will not help.Instead,try to -*help her gain confidence at home by letting her take decisions and involving her in conversations*talking about school and classmates to her in order to find out what the root of the problem is*helping her understand how to be assertive and not be taken advantage of through your own example and also by role playing*not labelling her as shy and not belittling her or mocking her about it.The more you speak about it ,the more the problem may increase.Children often outgrow this shyness with time,through small successes,and by gradually making friends.Remember that some shyness is not really undesirable.


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