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shoulder dislocation

Q: I am an MBA student , and I dislocated my right shoulder in an accident (june 1999). The doctor replaced the ball back into the socket.On the very same night my shoulder dislocated again when i was sleeping .After that in oct 1999 i dislocated my shoulder again while playing cricket while stretching my arms to get the ball. After that again 2 times once when i was excercising and once when i was playing cricket i feel too much pain and i think i was fortunate that it didnt dislocated again.Now few days back(june 2002) i again disloacted my shoulder in the night while sleeping .On that day i played cricket and foorball and i fall also .But somehow i manage to get it back into its position (by placing my palm under my leg andpulling my body upward )why this occurs again and again to me?and whats the reason behind it ?and now my shoulder is too week .I ll begreatfull if u could help me out Sanjay

A:Recurrent shoulder dislocation can be due to avulsion of the capsule and the labrum from the joint or due to repeated microtrauma. Over a period of time, if the shoulder is not stabilized, either surgically or through physical therapy, then pathologic changes takes place in the joint, and there are recurrent episodes of dislocation. I think the best way to stabilize after more than 3 dislocations would be surgical. You may need to see an orthopedic surgeon for further evaluation. MRI could possibly show some tear if any. after evaluation the best surgical method can be decided. Till then,you should do shoulder stabilization exercises to strengthen your muscles.


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