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Should we get our son's tonsils removed?

Q: My son aged 8 years suffers from chronic infection of the throat. During night he suffers from snoring and airways blockage. His sleep pattern is interrupted. The doctors have diagnosed it to be a case of Adenoid +++ and Tonsil +++. Some of the ENT surgeons have advised removal of both. Other doctors say removal also brings future problems of infections as tonsils are the guards of throat. I like to know whether removal of both the tonsils is a safe procedures? Also how can one be sure that his airways are not blocked by epiglottis or relaxation of throat muscles? And whether removal of both will alleviate his regular cold problem as well as sleep problem?

A:In case the child of eight years is having more than 4-5 episodes of tonsillitis per year, and has nasal blockage, snoring, mouth breathing, he definitely needs adeotonsillectomy. there are no long term side effects if done in properly selected cases. and no significant complications. Hospitals can be suggested depending your geographical location.


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