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Should the kidney donor should be in relation with the patient?

Q: My father is 55 years old. Last year, both his kidneys failed since he is suffering from diabetes for the past 10 years. He is on dialysis twice a week. The doctor said that for kidney transplantation, the donor has to be related to the patient, usually a brother as it is risky to use another person's kidney. The doctor says that the charges for the transplantation will be 15,000 per month. How true is it? Can't we use another person's kidney for him, provided it matches? Please throw some light on this.

A:Kidney transplantation in India is not allowed and thus illegal. A blood relative like parents, brother, sisters, spouse, children 18-65 years of age with compatible blood group can donate a kidney provided he or she is found to be medically suitable to donate a kidney. Well matched kidneys (kidneys from blood relatives) have better outcome and obviously one can use drugs which may not be expensive. The maintenance drugs costs usually are about 10-15 thousand.


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