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Should our son be sent to a special school?

Q: My 13 years old son is facing lot of problems in his studies and with his behaviour. He underwent an IQ test recently and it is only 70-75. According to the psychologist it is below average. He is also having ADHD problems. At present he is studying in a normal school. The school staff is cooperating with us. He is given simpler papers than other students. Despite this, he is unable to score well. He gets marks like 2 or 5 out of 50. He doesn't do his class work. And rarely writes anything beyond a few lines. He is not able to complete his home work independently. Due to all of these problems the school authorities have suggested us to send him to a special educator. I want to know if a special school will help him? Does he actually need to attend a special school? Most of his friends, if any are below his age. In school, mostly he goes to his younger brothers class and plays with his friends. His interest in toys, TV programmes, habits, behaviour is not according to his age. We keep getting regular complaints from his school. How can we improve his behaviour? Please suggest.

A:Your son does need special education. His IQ (70-75) and his behaviour suggest that he is developmentally retarded. He could be sent to a Special Educator. But even his present school may not be able to give him the attention that he needs, as the years go on. It is best to accept that he will be slower than other children of his age and to set him tasks that he can do. His distracting behaviour may also be because he is frustrated at not being able to do what his classmates can. He needs to be given special attention and be allowed to proceed at his own pace. His mother may not have the materials or the methods by which she can educate him. She could take training if she wishes. The Indira Gandhi Open University has developed a course for mothers on handling children with mental retardation. The boy will be better off at a place where he has class fellows who are also slow in learning.


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