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Should I take Eltroxin for hypothyroidism?

Q: I am 33 years old. Recently, I have started feeling drowsy and lethargic and am suffering from body pain and joint pain. I underwent a blood test. The report shows: T3 - 86 ng/dL; T4 - 5.50; FT3 - 2.9 pg/ml; FT4 - 0.87 ng/dl and TSH - 12.3. I was prescribed half a tablet of Eltroxin every day. But I have not yet started taking it. Should I start taking Eltroxin? What are the side effects?

A:You are suffering from hypothyroidism. You need Thyroxin replacement. You may start with 25 microgram and check your TSH after a month, and then get the dose adjusted. If taken in adequate doses (neither less nor more, as judged by regular thyroid tests), there are no side effects even if taken for years.


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