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Should I refrain from exercising till hydrocoele is operated?

Q: I am a 23 years old male having hydrocoele for the last four years. The doctor has asked me to go for surgery but I am scared. The hydrocoele is increasing in size day the day. Should I refrain from exercising till the surgery is performed?

A:Collection of water around the testis increasing its size is called hydrocoele. The surrounding layers keep on secreting some fluid, which is absorbed back. Fluid collection occurs if the fluid secretion is more than what can be absorbed back. A hydrocoele needs correction if the bulk is causing constant dull pain or difficulty in walking, or when it needs cosmetic correction. Unfortunately, only treatment is surgical. Since the disease and the treated area is non-weight bearing, there is no need to refrain from any kind of activity. The activities are limited only by the discomfort caused during the movement, and usually get over within a week of surgery.


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