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Should I have sex with my boyfriend after my marriage?

Q: I was in love with a guy for past 6 years and we shared everything, including sex. Now my parents have decided to marry me to another person. My boyfriend still wants to have sex with me, even after our marriage to different people, without his wife's and my husband's knowledge. I don't know what to do now, please advise.

A:This is what I would call a classical wastage of one's mind!! You seem to be happier using the minds of the others around you. Your parents decide whom you should get married to and your boyfriend decides how your life after marriage should be! The saving grace in this entire scenario seems to be the confusion / dilemma that you are currently going through. This is a sure-shot sign that you are waking up; else this question would not have happened. Another explanation, of course, can be that since there is a conflict between what your parents want you to do and what your boyfriend wants, you are feeling confused. Whichever way it might be, this is the perfect time for you to decide that this life is yours and so the only desiring and deciding authority needs to be only you. Also, a mere side glance toward practicality will tell you where you might land with your feet in two boats. So, my suggestion would be that you stop asking others about what you should be doing and hit the ball that is bouncing in your court.


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