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Should I get my son checked for hyperactivity?

Q: I have a 13 years old son who was born premature in the 7th month. He studies in class VII. He is not doing well at school academically. He does not try to understand what is being taught in the class room and spends most of his time chatting with his friends. Otherwise, he is socially mannered. If he is asked to learn a lesson, he will just remember it in no time but for a short span of time and after that he forgets whatever he leant. He behaves impulsively, loses control often, becomes noisy and disruptive at times, gets easily distracted and does not finish his homework. He spits while talking, does not stand still and sleeps less. His eye sight is also very weak. I feel he has some speech problem because sometimes his voice turns very heavy. Once a doctor told me that he has swelling in his vocal chord. He is an incredibly anxious child and worries about everything. He grinds his teeth at night and sometimes wets the bed as well. Should I get my son tested for Hyperactivity and from where? Please suggest how to treat my son's problems.

A:Instead of worrying about syllabus and homework, start thinking of your son as a person who may be in need of special help. There is no advantage in his attending a renowned public school, if they have not even found out whether he needs a slightly different method in his education or given more time and patience in the completion of his work. Do get him tested, not necessarily for hyperactivity, which he does not show, but for his abilities, strengths and weaknesses. See how you can help him to attend to his lessons. Make finding suitable method for helping your son focus the objective of your efforts. Get the help of the child's father and others in setting up a non-judgmental and pleasant way of dealing with him. If the parents are over-anxious and show it, it will only result in the child feeling that he has let them down, without telling him what he should do. Get professional help for your son and deal with him gently.


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