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Should I get my kidney removed?

Q: I am a 45 years old female who had multiple kidney stones, and got operated seven years back by lithotripsy. But the operation failed with bleeding continuing through the pipe and was controlled after four months following three operations. Two years back, my right kidney split function was 45%. I did plain CT scan of abdomen, which observed distorted right renal shape. There are cystic changes seen in the right superior and mid polar parenchyma. No evidence of pelvicalyceal dilation. Eight months back, my blood urea was 31.5, creatinine - 1.1, uric acid - 6.2 and TLC was 7.5x10. Should I get my kidney removed?

A:As it seems you have recurrent problem with kidney stones, you need thorough evaluation including 24 hour urine collection for volume, PH, sodium, creatinine, oxalate, citrate, calcium, phosphorus, uric acid etc. Also, if a stone is removed during surgery or if you pass the stone, it needs to be submitted to lab for analysis. Treatment of kidney stones depends on type, size and location of the stones. In addition to specific treatment, common measures that may help prevent recurrent stones including drinking plenty of fluids to keep urine output more than 2 litres/day, avoiding high salt and high protein diet etc. At present, your kidney function appears to be close to normal. Please follow closely with a nephrologist who can help diagnose your condition and give specific instructions.


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