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Should grade 1 kidney reflux in my daughter be treated?

Q: My 7-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with a grade 1 kidney reflux in her left kidney. Her treating doctor feels that it is best that she has the deflux treatment done. My older daughter has outgrown her kidney reflux in both the kidneys. Can the doctor tell if my 7-year-old daughter's reflux is from holding her urine too long or it is something that she was born with? What is best and the safest option for my daughter?

A:It is not clear why your daughter was investigated for reflux. In any case, grade 1 reflux can be ignored, as most of these will resolve spontaneously. Deflux treatment is certainly not indicated for grade 1 reflux. Toilet training will help. She must not hold urine for long periods and must not have constipation. Both these can aggravate reflux and chances of urinary infection. Reflux, if present, is usually since birth. The safest option in your case is to do nothing.


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