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Should exercises be avoided during vertigo?

Q: I had the problem of positional vertigo about 2 and half months back. Last week I joined a gym for weight loss and to lose the flab on my tummy, as I was little overweight after my last pregnancy. After a weeks time, I felt the same dizziness again and took Vertin 16 as per my doctor's advise. Everything was fine for 3 days, but today I again felt dizzy. Is it harmful to do gym exercises during vertigo? Which exercises should be avoided? My workout includes cardio exercises on alternate days, and other days for upper body and lower body exercises.

A:You would have to take a little care when you perform your exercises keeping in mind that form is more important than the result. For example, when you do the abdominal crunches, do not move your head as much as the shoulders and the head in one straight line. That way your neck will not move as much, which will lower the risk of giddiness. Another way is that you should include a cool down period especially after a cardio workout. That way the blood, which has been led to the extremities, will have enough time to come back into full-body circulation.


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