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Sense of fullness in my stomach

Q: I experience a sense of fullness in my stomach. There is slight discomfort just below the rib cage. Sometimes, I experience gas but otherwise there are no other complications. Could these symptoms indicative to any serious ailment?

A:The causes of abdominal distension are many. Most of the time it is due to wind, as a part of irritable bowel syndrome and his pain would also be inkeeping with the condition. An anti-spasmodic like Mebeverine should help and he needs to see his local doctor for a prescription. Other considered diagnosis of mine is non-ulcer dyspepsia but before accepting this I suggest an endoscopy to exclude gastritis or even an ulcer. Finally I do not considre his symptoms are due to ulcerative colitis where diarrhoea with blood & mucous loss would be the main sympotoms and I need more history to consider this.


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