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Removal of stones from the urinary bladder

Q: As per the x-ray report a stone of size 5-6 mm is visible in my urinary bladder, and x-ray of the kidney does not show any stone. The doctor informed me that the location of my kidneys is not the same with the right kidney being a bit lower than the left. The large intestine has formed some curve which is affecting my digestion and I sometimes feel pain in the right side of my stomach. I have used many medicines to remove the stone and also some Ayurvedic treatment with food restriction, but unfortunately it is not clear whether the stone is out or still in. As the cost of medicines and doctor consultation are too high, I have not visited the hospital since last month and have been using Ayurvedic medicine without any help. Kindly let me know if any medicine will help the stone to come out without surgery. My friends will be coming to Saudi Arabia so they can bring the medicine with them and I will use this medicine till I come to India for further treatment.

A:If your stone is at the uretero-vesical junction, then it will come out itself. Take plenty of water - 1 glass every hour. Also take citrosoda powder in a glass of water three times a day, two hours after meals. Repeat an ultra sound examination after two weeks. If the stone is still there I will add some new medicine. Some stones may not be visible on x-ray so get an ultrasound done.


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