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Reflux and acidity

Q: I had in the past suffered from frequent reflux and acidity problems. In endoscopy and ultra sonography, nothing abnormal has been found. Resultantly after prescription, I have been taking Lansoprazole 30. Over one year has passed and whenever I discontinue medicine, symptoms re-emerge although after two days. Recently I have also taken some replacement drugs like Ranitidine, Roxitidine (Rotane ?) ..but Lansoprazole 30 has suited me the most. But after all, for how much period I can take this safely. Please advise me as to how to have a drug-free day in future?

A:If you have been diagnosed by a competent doctor, you may have to be on anti-reflux drugs most of the time, since you have symptoms so soon after withdrawal of drugs. It is difficult for many reflux patients to be off medications and to insist on drug-free life may not then be appropriate. I would advise you to try medications for at least 6 weeks at a time and then withdraw and see. If symptoms recur, it is advisable to try medicines for a longer time. Lansoprazole is a safe drug on long term.


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