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Recurrence after surgery for sinusitis

Q: I am suffering from Sinusitis for the last 4 years. I suffer from severe blockage of the nose, continued sneezing at times and have difficulty in breathing. At any time one of my nostrils is blocked and breathing is free from the other. I had a partial CT scan done and was diagnosed to have curvature in the bone towards the left side and growth of soft tissues. I was operated and the soft tissues were removed at a reputed hospital. It is about 2 years since my operation and there was no change in my condition. The symptoms persisted as soon as the medicine was stopped within a week after the operation. Currently I am under homeopathic treatment for the last 9 months, with some relief. I occasionally get severe blockage in my nose during this time I take ACTIFED which was prescribed by the doctor with OTROVIN nasal drops. As ACTIFED is very sedative and it causes thickening of the mucus it dose not give much relief. Can you suggest me a one-time cure for my problem and a doctor in Mumbai?

A:I do not know what surgery was done, and by whom. But obviously some more work may need to be done. A repeat CT scan of the sinuses would be a must along with nasal endoscpy. If in Delhi, contact me. In Bombay, contact Dr. Milind Kirtane, Hinduja Hospital or Dr. Prabodh Karnik.


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