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Reason for crying at night in infants?

Q: My daughter who is 10 months old often cries at night, she is having gas problem, she wakes up in the middle of the night and cries. She keeps rolling in bed until she passes wind and while doing so she cries, i need to know what causes this and how can i prevent this. This does not happen in the day time.

A:Your 10 month old baby may be having colic which is bothering at night. This may not be related to her eating habit and if you were to use some anticolic medicine that should help her. Another possiblity could be that she is having GER which means her stomach contents are regurgitating into her food pipe which irritate her when she lies down. For this you need an evaluation by your pediatrician. You should also make sure that she does not have a physical ailment which is bothering her. Please get her thoroughly examined by you pediatrician.


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