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Pus coming out from the ear

Q: I am having trouble in my right ear for last 50 years. Pus is coming in my right ear and sometimes there is severe itching. I am 72 years old lady. 50 years back i was told by a ear doctor that there is a hole in my right ear drum. I have not taken any specific treatment. Kindly advise whether the same requires any surgery. whether it is safe to undergo surgery at this age.

A:The surgery for perforated ear drum can be done underlocal anaesthesia which is quite safe. Results of the surgery are better when done on a dry ear with blood sugar fully controlled. The condition is not life threatning even if you decide against the surgery butyou need to keep your ear dry, avoiding water enteringyour ear with the help of cotton plug smeared withvaseline on outside. To prevent any infection the blood sugar should be controlled. Dry ear prevents further hearing deterioration.


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