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Pregnancy after kidney transplantation

Q: My 29 year old wife was suffering from Renal Failure three years back. She also underwent dialysis nearly for a year. She had a renal transplant two years back. She has been fine from then. But she still has a small problem. She gets minor triggers, very minor. She is able to realise that she is going to have a seizure and she able to divert her mind. When she had renal failure, she has had several attacks of siezures, multiple at times. Her Blood Pressure was very high. But after her transplant, things became OK. She is still on Frisium 5 mg BD and Sodium Valoprate 200mg in morning and 500mg in evening. She was on catapress for some days after her transplant but then her BP became normal and she has stopped using them. Now her BP varies between 130/90 to 135/95. She is also taking her usual doses of immunosupressants and calcium suppliments. I fail to understand why she has these small triggers even after she takes the medication. We are planning to go for a kid but frankly I am afraid if she might land into pregnancy complications because she is on these drugs. The translant was done in Bangalore and now we are staying in Sydney. The doctors in Bangalore have stated that as far the immunosuppressants are concerned, we can go in for a kid, as it is nearly two years since the transplant and she would not have any problems. Is it safe to start a family? Please help me in the above issue.

A:I hope your wife is under care of a neurologist for her seizures which are still continuing. The seizures should be controlled. You also need to discuss about your plan to have a child with the neurologist. There is no doubt that pregnancy following transplantation is a reality and can be planned successfully in continuation of the immunosuppressive drugs. However the mother should not lactate the baby after delivery as immunosuppressive drugs are excreted in mothers milk.


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