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Precautions for exercise in osteoarthritis and high BP?

Q: Can a patient with osteoarthritis of the knee joint do stationary bicycle exercises? Tell me exercises, in order to reduce my buttock & thigh muscles. If the arthritis is due to obesity, how can one reduce? If the patient is having BP & OA of the knee, what are the instructions you will be giving?

A:A patient with osteoarthritis and high BP has to take a lot of precautions as far as exercises go. Precautions for OA:- 1. Do not do any exercises in the acute phase. Rest and medicines are necessary. Your doctor may advise ultrasound treatment. 2. Start slowly. If you are out of shape, do not exercise for more than 5 minutes. 3. Build up gradually. Increase the length of your session by 10%. 4. Warm up before starting, as muscles surrounding the inflamed joint are stiff, sore or flabby due to prolonged disuse. 5. Exercise combined with healthy eating is the best strategy for successful, permanent weight loss. 6. Your strength and flexibility work-out will have to be monitored for at least 6 weeks. I would advise you to visit a physiotherapist to chalk out your program. Precautions for hypertension:- 1. Do not use heavy weights. 2. Check your BP regularly. 3. Learn meditation to de-stress yourself. You can do cycling after 5-6 weeks but, within your limits set by your therapist. Walking is a good exercises but do wear knee caps and a good footwear to avoid strain on joints. As I have suggested, you should visit a therapist and a nutrition expert to give you the right exercise regime (as a clinical examination of your joints is necessary) as well as the right diet.


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