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Please suggest some warm-up exercises?

Q: I am a 22 years old girl having a tendency to gain weight quite rapidly. My physical instructor recommended some freehand exercises, which I am doing regularly. Before beginning with any type of exercises it is essential to warm up, which includes running, spot jogging, etc. But I cannot do any of these as I have a metal plate in my left leg in the femur bone. The orthopaedic doctor has made it very clear to me that apart from running and jumping, I can do all other types of exercises. Hence my instructor has recommended 45 minutes of brisk walk for warming up. Now, we are shifting to a new place where there is hardly any place to go for morning walks. I have explained this to my instructor but he is unable to give an alternative. Can you please suggest some warm-up exercises apart from running and jumping?

A:I can quite understand your predicament but do not fret as there is always a way out if there is a will. If you cannot find a place to walk, because of lack of a good space, there are alternatives - remember to time yourself and pace out the intensity so that it mimics how you used to go for your brisk walk.

  • If the staircase is something you can climb up and down with ease, consider doing that. It takes a little more effort than walking on straight ground so do be careful of not going too fast until you are used to it.
  • If you can create a walking track in your house itself, that will save you the trouble of looking out for one!
  • If you have a terrace where you can walk around, that also works as a good option.
  • If all else fails, just keep yourself active, walk whenever you can, take the stairs instead of the lift and continue the rest of your exercises.


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